What were we thinking: Miista Block Shoes

Let’s call this the making of The Block Shoes.  

Black Friday sales have become so predictable that in a way, it almost defeats its purpose. Like a pig digging for truffles, we were trying to think outside the box and a Block Friday was born. It all started with an idea to make a pair of impossible shoe. An idea usually used on April Fool's Day but with this project, we wanted to bring curiosity and intrigue.

Or at least to make you wonder: Surely they are not selling a shoe as stupid as this?

We called our shoes ‘The Block’ - quite literally a block. We carved a square but the inside has a last shaped so you can easily walk in it. It even has a memory foam insoles for an extra comfort. 

Miista Block Friday Campaign

Everything done on the inside is designed as we would normally design for any pair of our handcrafted shoes. If you would stick your head inside of it (you have a small head), and all you're going to see is an insole with a Miista label.
 Nothing suspicious at all. 

Miista Black Block Campaign

It gave our makers in Spain a heart attack. Fr
om enjoyment! (See below) We received the full support from our factory as our team over there got excited and ready to reinterpret the message of comfort and practicality of Miista shoes.


Above our product development team in Spain discuss the different options on how to make this block concept work. It’s not rocket science (it nearly is):

Initially, we designed it in 3D and the idea was to 3D print each of the blocks. However... we quickly changed our mind when we saw that the 3D printing machine was telling us on a Friday Afternoon that each block would take 64 hours to print. Trouble in paradise: 

Miista Black Block Friday Campaign

The next step was to go old school and carve with cork. This is what we did, here comes the visual: 

Our handy shoe man Raul,  covered the blocks with neoprene as upholstery and finished them with Italian suede soles. We fancy

Jose, our pattern cutter master, got super excited when he saw them finished and was the first person to try them out.  


Would you abide by the new rules of footwear and administer to yourself a pair of Miista block shoes? Which, perhaps, would look terrific with a pair of thigh high socks and photographed by Helmut Lang. Other, more relatable advantages of the design:


1. Stand still against the walls, surprise! Yes, you can.

2. Heels stuck in the grass, not anymore.  

3. If you work in a very male-dominated industry and stomp into the office wearing our Block shoes this either will or will not help your cause. 

4. Blocks moonlight as an additional layer of personality. Can you wear these and not be at least slightly cool? 

5. Never mind, that’s it. There are only four pros we could think of. If you can hit me up with more ideas, I'm here oriana@miista.com 

If these were to happen in mass production it would be its own sort of tragedy but when considering them as a Black Friday metaphor, there’s some value in leaving those block designs unscathed and focusing on real shoes and real deal:

So, what can our Block Friday get you? 
miistas xx