Project 42:43


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An exclusive twelve-piece capsule collection of signature Miista styles in European sizes 42 and 43 (US 11.5 and 12.5). Each pair is made-to-order and can only be purchased through our website before the 31st of January.

Once ordered, your shoes are meticulously handcrafted from scratch at our Spanish factory before being shipped out directly to you

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Project 42:43



When The Shoe Never Fits:

I remember comparing shoe sizes in the school playground, back then it was the bigger the better. The brainwashing came in my teenage years. I knew girls who squeezed their offensively-inoffensive size 39s into 37s  - Mission: twiglet. My grandfather was a shoe illustrator and in the conservatory that led to his studio, amongst a jungle of plants and ceramic bodyparts, was a cabinet of tiny and oddly-shaped antique shoes. Baby-feet is not a new trend and we're still at risk of toppling over. Women are getting taller, longer, wider but their shoes aren't. We've had emails and calls from customers yearning for something other than a pair of dad sandals. The heavens have opened. It's raining big shoes. Mind your head.

*Please allow 8 weeks for manufacture and delivery.
** Unfortunately there are no returns on these custom orders.