Now in my 30's, all of these 'rules' make me gag...

Miista Mary Walnut Heels. Designed in London, Handcrafted in Spain.


What if I want to wear the same outfit all week?

Socks with sandals, brown with blue,
and "don't go dressing outside your age"...

As I get older, I find merit in my mother's (shopping sensai) single rule: favour quality over quantity. What she failed to mention, however, is that it is actually quite difficult to be a responsible shopper, and it is not always easy to tell how long a relationship with a pair of shoes will last.

We have done the legwork for you. Here's how to wear Mary for a week: 

How to wear Miista Mary Heels for a week, everyday.

You have now mastered the capsule wardrobe. Mary is one of the most all-around pair of heels a woman could own. She's a classic, but we've reincarnated her reputation as something less prim and more soulful.

Miista Mary Black Heels

Meet our Mary WalnutCitrine SnakeBlack and Ruby; a delicate slip of triple strap crafted in an array of Italian leathers: From 100% calf leather to crinkled patent that we put through the process of softening to make it exceptionally smooth and unlike any patent leather you know. 

Versatility is the name of her game, her slightly curved heel will serve the sauce, seven days a week. Based on natural leather soles, our shoes have an extendable lifespan (shout out to my summer fling) and will be your forever go-to strappy heel.  


Spotted in...

Sienna's and Josephine's decision to sport coordinated outfits may have been inspired by the slow fashion movement and, r
egardless of the plot, we are on their side.  

Mary Heels by Miista worn by Sienna Miller

Above: Sienna Miller and Josephine de la Baume, both wearing Mary Walnut