Our Noa heels from the En Pleno Aire collection for SS18 are about to weave their way into your summer. Noa is a signature court shoe designed in natural raffia, hand knitted using traditional techniques.

You should probably get to know them better, right? Right. So let’s start at the beginning! We're taking you to our Spanish factory so you can see the shoes yourself before they are even made. 

Miista Spanish Factory: The making of Noa heels Chuti has hand-cut the calf leather that lines this shoe


The shoe — it’s never one thing. Noa's sole has three layers: insole, midsole, and outsole. The insole is a soft layer of calf leather lining that Chuti hand-cuts as shown below; look down. The component of the midsole is made of memory foam and provides the bulk of the cushioning. The outsole is made of 100% natural leather with quality in mind. 

The Making of Noa Raffia by Miista Chuti is a master Miista Clicker (Leather Cutter)

We have been designing and handcrafting shoes for 7 years now but it's the first season where we have experimented with a new technique, a handwoven raffia. Our community of weavers makes every single pair by hand. Below you can see the upper being stitched with the calf leather lining once woven. 

Let’s take a closer look at natural raffia.  

The natural raffia will stretch and adjust to the shape of your feet. Whilst the calf leather lining and memory foam insoles will keep you feeling supported.
Most important, though, they are supposed to remind you that handcraftsmanship is more than just tradition. It's fashion forward. 

The making of Noa Raffia heels Noa Oat Raffia in a form of a sketch 


Light and playful, she'll look great with cream linens or modern two-pieces.
Even paired with the most neutral outfit, this strong yet decorative material gives prominence to the simplest silhouette. 


Noa raffia heels by Miista Ss18 Collection Paired with a classic suit our woven court heels can assume an elegant air as simple shapes will offset its nuances and techniques. 


Natural Raffia has an elegant side to it, it was handcrafted to protect your feet from the prying eyes of boredom.
On top of the planetary concerns (natural raffia has a really light environmental footprint), it's such a game-changer not to profusely sweat into your summer shoes. It’s hard not to notice a woman wearing basket shoes... 


Noa from Miista En Pleno Aire SS18 Nature is always very intriguing.

Her unexpected materials led by functional silhouettes are a nod to our newest collection En Pleno Aire SS18. They tell a story of joyful, simple living that can be rich, creative and not that simple after all. It starts with the idea of getting outdoors and being intrepid - feet first.


Miista Noa heels crafted in natural raffia

For summer clothes, skip trousers and choose a midi skirt made of linen, hemp, or organic cotton. 

Noa Raffia heels by Miista Shoes Miista unites the nostalgia of a rural Spanish heritage with a modernist female sentiment. Even more so if finished with a wooden heel adding a bucolic touch. 


For those who prefer a pop of colour, there is Noa Ruby Raffia weaved from red straw, which would add a personal touch to even the most neutral, simple outfit. Noa also comes in Oat and Legno raffia that echo rough-looking natural material found in baskets or hats.  

Miista Noa Raffia

Miista Noa heels crafted in natural raffia

Noa has a green soul, we imagine it in a countryside home, dropped on the Atlantic Ocean, we imagine it amidst the fields of Galicia. Worn on a picnic or for a walk along the streams, teamed with a full gingham skirt and linen blouse. Outside, in fresh air. En Pleno Aire. 

Now, it is time to decide if you're ready for the total raffia look:

Woven Raffia Total Look

And that’s it, that’s all I’ve got. You can buy them all, or just one, or none.
But i
n the spirit of strong emotions and immediate reactions they are now available for the pre-order.