Miista You're blocked. What happens next?

Miista Block Black Friday Campaign

Throughout the weekend discounts will decrease.
Thursday 23/11 | VIP ONLY 50% OFF
Friday | 50% OFF
Saturday | 40% OFF
| 30% OFF

Due to the burnout caused by a plethora of sales attacking us from every angle (guess what, we shop, too!) each Black Friday, we decided to do something different: block it. 

'Why am I blocked?' you may wonder.

We’re stepping in to make sure you don’t make any stupid decisions and spend money before the sale starts, so we've *blocked* you from shopping full price at Miista.com 
We don't want you to panic shop so we’re giving you an exclusive pre-access pass that you're going to receive on Thursday 23rd November. For you, a VIP, the sale starts a day early. Check your inbox on 23rd of November for your pre-access link. You can also use this Block Friday discount in our Redchurch St and Barcelona stores by presenting your email at the counter!

You can ignore all of this and shop full price on a site


but we have to stop you and ask, 
What are you doing? 


Black Block Friday by Miista Shoes

In the week before the black Friday indulge your eye sockets, meet our latest enigma:
Is it a shoe? Is it a concept? Did we cross the line? Have we gone too far? Most importantly: what does it all mean? 
Whatever happened during this campaign, it turned out a little weird, creatively speaking. 

Block Black Friday Campaign by Miista Shoes

If these were to happen in mass production would be its own sort of tragedy but when considering them as a 
Black Friday metaphor, there’s some value in leaving those block designs unscathed and focusing on real shoes and the real deal.  

Whether winter sales give you thrill or perhaps the thought of Friday campaigns makes you uncomfortable, we're pushing it forward. Sale or not, there is a craftsmanship that goes into producing each pair, which not only takes time to make but also represents all the people that work hard every season to make it happen.

Miista Black Block Friday Campaign block shoes

Miista Block Black Friday Campaign

Miista Block Black Friday Campaign

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