Miista Private Sale in Amsterdam

Netherlands, get ready for the sale of a lifetime.
You asked. We made it again:
Miistas are bringing it back to Amsterdam.

Miista Private Sale in Amsterdam
Save the date: 13th March till 15th of March. 3 days only!
We've got shoes for days:
There are heels, flats, sandals, boots, and so much more - but you'll never find out unless you walk through the door!
Deadstock, samples and unique pairs from our archives. Just come, we have designs, colours and sizes for everyone.
Opening Times:
11am - 8pm 13/03
11am - 8pm 14/03
11am - 8pm 15/03
€30 - €180 👢
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Come one, come all! We will be restocking each day but be sure to come early!