Make America Sane Again

On June 30, I marched in protest of Donald Trump's contemptible treatment of immigrants, as did thousands of other sane Americans in 700 communities. But it didn't feel like we were making a difference. It felt more like the last gasp of humanity. If we can't change what's happening here, at least we can say we went out and objected.

Living in America now is a bizarre and scary experience. Every day, policies are announced that seem either absurd or malevolent or both. For a long time, we non-Trumpers have been counting on the Mueller investigation to save us from the authoritarianism of our game-show President. We figured that once Trump’s corruption is revealed in all its sordid detail, we'd be free of him. We could get back to our daily lives, without having to dread his tweets, lies, blunders, bragging, and the specter of his fluffy yellow hairdo.

Now that Trump is set to appoint another judge to the Supreme Court, salvation feels less certain. Scenarios of how he'll evade justice seem all too logical. He'll appoint someone who promises to let him pardon himself! And he'll reward his base by outlawing abortion. Pro-life law will mean millions of unwanted babies packing assault rifles, aimed at Muslims!

How did a failed businessman and famously egotistical TV personality become President? People are still debating this question when the more urgent question is obviously, how can we get rid of him? He is packing the courts with cronies, while appointing lackeys to head departments they're determined to destroy. It's more than George Orwell even contemplated. It feels like Swiftian Satire for Dummies. Last night I heard the argument for tripling the rent of public housing residents: It will help them to go out and prosper, like HUD secretary Dr. Ben Carson! He came "from nothing" so all those destitute, disabled freeloaders can just do the same!

Sister Wolf for Miista

Meanwhile, immigration. Trump is making good on his initial promise of racism against Mexicans in particular and brown-skinned people in general. His "No Tolerance" policy has resulted in separating families at the border, taking children from their parents and shipping them to detention centers all over the country. Is the policy meant to be a deterrent? Our Justice Department says no. Is it meant to enrich corporations who run private prison systems? What do you think?

Pictures of children in chain link cages are too much for sane people to endure. Audio tapes of babies crying for their parents are more than a normal heart can bear. While Trump strives to dehumanize immigrants and refugees as "infestation'" and "invaders," we can't help but recall how you-know-who turned his citizens against Jews. We are urged not to make comparisons to Nazi Germany but let’s face it, when you call a group of people vermin, it's time to worry.

The protest I joined in Los Angeles seemed more like a picnic than the angry march following Trump's election. The signs were great, the speakers were passionate, but the atmosphere was more like a celebration of our virtuousness as protestors. There were hundreds of babies, mostly white, brought by middle class mothers wanting to show their support for families. I bumped into a friend who used to be

idealistic, to some degree. Now he believes the Mueller report will achieve nothing. He's probably right but I'm afraid to agree.

If you aren't living in the US, you don't know the horror and desperation we sane people are feeling. Our journalists are working hard to describe the corruption, while Trump's personal propaganda organ, Fox TV, keeps screaming FAKE NEWS. Whoever his famous "base" is, Trump and Fox News are still revving them up with crap about Hillary’s email. Trump’s rallies are beyond my powers of analogy. You know the stereotype of drooling, overweight, inbred bumpkins shouting LOCK HER UP? It's like that, but more Hitlery.

Oh no, I've said it! Forgive me. I'm just a liberal elitist. In Trumpworld, that means anyone who can read without moving their lips. As you can see, I'm at a loss. The shameless indecency, every single day, is like toxic pollution. In his dark moments, my husband likes to say, "We deserve him. We elected him." “We” meaning America. And I always come back with, "Not me. I didn't vote for him! I don't deserve this."

See? He's even managing to divide people who are on the same side. What a monster. Please join me in hoping that somehow we can make America sane again.