Have your shoes and eat them (too)

 It's that time of year again! When it comes to the holiday season, few things can kick you straight into the festive spirit as effectively as the smell of freshly baked cookies.

 Since December is about gifting and celebrating, we've collaborated with London's finest cookie chef for your stomach’s pleasure. Will you have a lick of brandy with your cookies, some milk or a pair of Miistas? For the first time ever, you can taste Erika and Alycia - Baked by Mareli Pelzer with love. 

Miista Holiday Event in London Flagship store 42 Redchurch St

According to Mereli, the baker behind The Tastery and our edible shoes
, they’re the prettiest cookies ever that taste as good as they look. Best part: It's all inspired by the existing Miista designs.

Mary Red Suede Boots in the Making

Spike your sugar up crazy high and crash hard in our London store this Thursday, 7th of December: 42 Redchurch St, London. We're hosting an intimate (but open to everybody) holiday get-together. We'll be serving our miniature shoe metaphors from 3pm till 7pm. 

Get in the spirit, 
whatever it is you’re celebrating…even if it’s just Throwback Thursday :- D

Miista 42 Redchurch St Event featuring shoes and cookies

My favourite quote of all time has to do with food and going to finally use it right now:
I never met a cookie I didn't like


Miista Cookie Even in 42 Redchurch St, London.