Georgette - Straight to The Point

Meet Georgette in new colours.

Unusual enough to make a sensational appearance from beneath palazzo pants at dinner time; cue a slit of green leather, or a peak of yellow suede.  

Miista Georgette Flats in Beige


Say hello to your new go-to insurance planslip from heels to flats in the same evening without losing an air of mystique; or pack light with Georgette for an easy city break. 
Georgette is the only wine you will want to spill on your carpet.

 A modern and comfortable pointed slip-on worn best with loose-fit care-free cuts, a design kept minimal by a thin leather sole and elasticated back for the perfect colour-block accent to a sharp but nonchalant look.


Miista Flats Hadcrafted in Spain Designed in London

So.... which colour is your favourite? And what are you wearing them with?
Miistas xx