Deconstructing Taissa: Enter the Miista Lab...

Miista has received some alarming intel from our trusted customers. According to these reliable and attractive sources, there is a dangerous knock-off of Taissa ripping through the city of London...


We’ve been surprised and humbled by those multiple messages that our followers sent our way. It would irresponsible not to address it. The question remained. As a small independent company, is it even worth it to go through a gruelling and costly litigation process? Or just make a mockumentary out of it? 

We thought so. Enter the Miista Lab:


Episode 1: 


Episode 2:


 Episode 3:


Episode 4:


Episode 5:


Episode 6:



Taissa Who? 

Taissa, like all Miista shoes, has been carefully handcrafted by master craftsmen with unmatchable wisdom, both earned and intergenerational. 

Led by a distinctive upper and heel, Taissa has been inspired by the 40s silhouettes and updated with the woven technique that takes us back to the early 60s. Though influenced by earlier examples of woven footwear, Miista developed the last independently by Fran, Miista Sculptor.



We developed the shape and Taissa first appeared in our SS16 collection, her last is unique to Miista and follows a Miista silhouette. From there, Taissa has become one of our most successful styles, it is one to which we can contribute much of our success and it has inspired the outfits and shoedrobes of many Miista customers. For a small undefended company such as ourselves, key styles, like Taissa, form the foundation of our existence. It’s with staples that we are able to continue developing new products and carving our niche. 


The Team Behind the Shoe...

Miista employs talented artisans, they are proud and love what they do; utilising only the highest quality Italian leathers and processes to carefully craft shoes which have been developed from concept to final piece.



Despite the quality of the pieces and sheer skill involved in making them, Miista is ultimately committed to delivering our pieces at an affordable and fair cost. Rejecting inflated prices and high-profit margins to stay true to our ethos and customers. 

The Original One 

Huge multi-national high-street brands send undercover designers to purchase and copy “saleable” items from small independent brands like us. They then reproduce them at a very low cost, with cheaper materials, labour and minor mal-adjustments. Of course, this makes imitations of the original pieces easier to acquire and readily available on the high street, and though accessibility is important to us, the negative impact of such pattern is futile to original designers, smaller brands, the environment and for global manufacturing standards across the board.


The quality of our shoes cannot be matched at a lower price.