Deconstructing Miista


Heather Heels by Miista


She may look like she’s falling apart... but she’s actually holding it together, story of my life - or vice versa?

Heather features a classic silhouette with a deconstructed back revealing a contrasting inner layer. She's a mid-heel court shoe with a subtle square toe and block heel.

Heather’s design is a modern take on an 18th century shoe, with wearable but unusual detailing to accent any outfit. Presented in five versatile colours, BlackBlack Black, BlushTobacco and White; the unusual but elegant Heather is a nod to Spanish craftsmanship at the heart of Miista’s ethos.

Heather gives the appearance of a shoe thats been sewn and then un-done, offering the same beauty as a French morning-after. I hear a distant cry of Kanye West muffled by the greats: Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo - this un-stitching is a tribute to the construction process itself; how to do, and un-do a shoe, and the unappreciated skill it takes to create the appearance of such distress or deconstruction.

Flats or 'plats' ?