A Miista Guide to Paris

“Qui n’avance pas, recule” which the translates to something like, “who does not move forward, recedes." Miista firmly believes in progress, especially when it comes to bringing stylish, beautifully made shoes at a decent price to the world. That's why, as well finding us at miista.com, you can meet us IRL in London, Barcelona and Paris, oh là là! 

We caught up with our favourite French Miista, store manager, Olivia Pereira to give us the local lowdown on Le Marais, Miista's Parisian neighbourhood...

Tell us the Miista Paris story so far Olivia.…
This is the first Miista boutique in France and from the feedback I get from women who visit us, they couldn’t wait to have a Miista store in Paris!

The shop opened on the 28th of February 2018, in the most Parisian area I know, Rive Droite, Le Marais, 31 rue Charlot. It’s the heart of the 3rd arrondissement. The building is typically Parisian, lots of stone and wooden beams.


How did you get started with Miista?
I discovered Miista on Pinterest. I had a pair on their shoes on my wish list, but there were no credits on the pin. A few weeks later I saw an Instagram post with another incredible pair of shoes - I regularly have a crush on very expensive items - but when I saw the price of the Miista’s shoes, I just couldn’t believe how affordable they were! With luck, I found out on from their Insta that there was private sale the following day. I arrived well in advance, like a groupie, and tried on all the shoes and fell in love!

In January, I saw a comment on Instagram saying they were opening their first store in Paris. I wanted to be part of the adventure. I saw the job offer on LinkedIn, then sent them an Instagram post with me in my White Gala walking in Paris with the message ‘I want to walk with you’ and at the same time, sent a message to Miista founder Laura with the same title. Two days later, I met Max and Pablo and then Laura. It was less job interviews and more a series of really lovely moments meeting all these people so passionate about their work.

What appealed to you about the brand?
The atmosphere they create around the product seduced me at first. They don’t take themselves too seriously, yet are so professional. The collections are original, relevant and you see the joy that’s gone into making them, that joy comes through in the company too. And obviously, there’s the design and quality of the products. I love the close connection they make with their clientele too.

What’s the best thing about the neighbourhood the store is located in? 
Marylin and Alexis of Marylin Feltz and Blousons Noirs are the best neighbours ever! They’ve been so kind and welcoming. 

This part of Le Marais, is one of the best places to discover the Parisian way of life. There is one of the oldest market in Paris, Le Marché des Enfants Rouges, just next door. As well as lots of little independent stores, nice terraces and the Square du Temple garden. It’s also the best place to be during Fashion Week, when it becomes full of new brands, it’s a different universe. 

Wild & the Moon

What about good places for lunch or coffee?
Hard question, there are so many nice places! On Rue Charlot, you can find Wild and the Moon, their charcoal latte and banana cake are just amazing! And the juices and smiles from Health Inside located just in front of our boutique give you energy for the day.  Pastavino’s paninis, add some Italian flavour and are perfect for a quick lunch on Rue de Bretagne. And at the Marché des Enfants Rouges.there is a nice Bouchon Lyonnais (typical French food of Lyon), the best burger I know, and a very welcoming Moroccan spot all in the middle of the market.

Little Red Door

After work, I might have a nice cocktail in the speak-easy the Little Red Door on Rue Charlot,  have a fabulous meal at Carbon, on the corner Rue de Poitou and Rue Charlot, or get cosy right by the fireplace in the winter at Robert et Louise on Rue Vieille du Temple.

How about culture? Is there something you recommend people see in the neighbourhood? 
This is the best place in Paris to visit art galleries! In the vicinity there’s Galerie Perrotin, Galerie Rabouan MoussionGalerie Xippas and art bookshop - Yvon Lambert, to name a few. Another nice book store is Ofr., that's perfect for picking up fashion magazines. You can visit Musée Picasso and walk to Place des Vosges to see the house of Victor Hugo. There are also a lot of happenings at the cultural space, Le Carreaux du Temple. If you have a chance, visit Duperré school (rue Dupetit-Thouars) during their open house days you will be amazed by creativity of their students.

Musée Picasso

Which Miista styles are most popular in Paris? 
Cybil in walnut works well with day-to-day Parisian style. Ivon Field has been a big success with it’s original, green, blue and walnut colour combination. Taissa, Ida and Noa have all been in demand too. The Deli, black, net sandals are so glamorous and sexy too. They are totally the right style for sunny days in Paris.


Can you give us a fashion tip or two on the Parisian look, Miista style? 
Noa Legno Raffia seems to best represent the Parisienne style! It’s vintage look with a perfect mid heel, making it easy to walk down all the tiny streets of Paris and ride our bicycles with elegance! Jeanne Damas captures the Parisian look beautifully. 


The latest collection is all about finding a space to escape to. Can you share some secret spots that you love in Paris? 
I'm not sure they are still secrets, but my favourites are -

- Playing Pétanque in the basement of the bar and restaurant Les Niçois (11th arrondissement)

- Feeling like you’ve escaped the city by passing a few leisurely hours on the terrace of restaurant Les Mondes Bohèmes in the 20th arrondissement.

- Getting lost and finding some extraordinary vintage pieces in ADOM on, Rue de la Roquette. (Local tip: Don’t be shy! Ask for help if you don’t want to rummage!)

- Having a Pastel de Nata covered in cinnamon with a coffee on Rue du Roi de Sicile at Comme à Lisbonne.

- Taking a stroll into La Campagne à Paris, ‘the countryside’ of Paris in the 20th arrondissement.

Thanks so much Olivia!
Check out Olivia’s handy 
map of all her favourite places.